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Irina Zelenova


MA Political Science:  University of Simferopol: Government Admin
MA Economy:   University of Moscow: Institute of Economics
Higher Teachers Diploma: University of Simferopol
Health Consultant:  Institution for Medical Studies Kiev

Irina Zelenova was born in Barnaul, Siberia. Irina has a passion for people, health and fitness and the desire to have her own business lead her to research the field of human diagnostics. She was granted representative and sole distribution rights of the DiaScan system to be used by the DiaScan Wellness Group in South Africa. The company has now been registered with Irina as Managing Director, Stefan Pienaar (Marketing), Tokkie Pretorius (Legal) and Arno van der Walt (Finance). Dr Nina Riapisova will hold the position: Training & Consulting. It is envisaged that over the next two years approximately 240 DiaScan Wellness Centers will be established in South Africa as home based businesses.

Training & Consulting

Nina Riapisova

PhD: Kirgizstan State Medical Institute

Dr Nina Riapisova is from Russia. She is a paediatrician and obtained her medical degree from the Kirgizstan Medical Institute in Bishkek in 1979. During the 90s she then furthered her studies in Kiev, Ukraine in the following fields: Family doctor, Gastroenterologist and Pulmonologist. In 2000 Dr Riapisova obtained specialisation as Nutritionist at Russian University of Friendship of Nations in Moscow. She has for the past 5 years gained extensive experience in the application of Diagnostic Evaluations and conducts training of Consultants throughout South Africa.

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