About the Business-Manual

We composed a business manual about organization and promotion of this Business. The manual is composed by us personally and doesn’t have an analogy. With its help you’ll learn how to organize a cabinet’s work up to R 130000 of net profit during several months.

For the buyers of the device complexes and those who join our work system with the medicines’ sale and dietary supplements we hand it for free.

What exactly information does our business-manual contain?

Here is the list of the covered points:

  1. Introduction is a description of general moments and key points of this business type, motivation to the beginning of the activity, categories of people who might be interested in it, and also our business start history. We also provide our advice regarding the property types.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions and answers to them.

  3. A place to start. Room variants that suit perfectly for this business type, registration key points of such places, we give the samples of the applications and contracts, sanitation center requirements and other auditing authorities.

  4. Equipment. We provide all the information as for the device complex, comparing analysis of our complex to others similar device sets, computer configurations and requirements.

  5. Staff. Staff recruitment information where and for whom you should search, what are job conditions and offers, duties description in range for each employee.

  6. Promotion is the most important chapter in the manual. Here we provide application aspects, directions and expansion of this business. Advertisement technique, work with couriers, advertisement types that are the most effective , types of the “dead” advertisement for this business. We also provide development schemes of work with doctors, medical and educational institutions, pharmacies, enterprises, distributors and many others interesting directions. According to each direction we give a detailed description and instruction to follow (what and how to offer, samples of printed output). We offer information in range regarding the advertisement promotion and medicines’ sales via the Internet. We also give detailed instructions for the website promotion in the Internet.

  7. A turnkey business. This chapter contains an instruction regarding the organization of such centers to other people, as you will be strongly interested to run an organization of such centers from the commercial point of view.

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