South Africa, Pretoria
Wellness center "DiaScan" Pretoria presents:

DiaScan hardware diagnostic system
for accurate diagnosis of human organism

DiaScan 11-S

The complex DiaScan is designed for:

  • Computed nonlinear analyses of the body and making diagnosis for spectral-similar pathological processes;
  • Making a prognosis for a state of the human body (prognosis for illness development);
  • Individual selection of medical preparations on the basis of the obtained computed data in the process of diagnosis;
  • Sessions of laser therapy on the acupuncture points for patients proceeding form the principles of reflex therapy or for sector or zone exposure to bio-resonance diagnostics with weak electromagnetic oscillations, including utilisation of standard processes recorded in the computer in the direct and inverted form by F. Morelle’s method Mora-therapy.

Application of Diascan apparatus has considerable advantages over conventional methods for medical diagnosis such as ultrasonic examination and X-ray computed tomography and differs from those in many ways (look comparative description).

Employment of the apparatus Diascan in clinics and separate medical and preventive institutions allows for a significant time saving during complex diagnosis of a patient’s body as a whole system. At the same time, presence and interdependence of various pathological developments and susceptibilities to those in organs, tissues and systems of the examined patients can be evaluated.

Diascan computer system is highly adaptive to a wide variety of tasks, and can be successfully used both in a high quality scientific work and purely practical goals being indispensable aid and business partner of a medical doctor practicing virtually in any field.

The apparatus Diascan is a sophisticated system of sensors, inductances, cascaded amplifiers, electrotype elements and laser scanner. A selective filter on an incoming signal during reading of information signals from a patient isolates external background noise from the patient’s background, which also considerably enhances precision and reliability of the data received with a computer.

Due to utilisation of the medical light-emitting diode, Diascan apparatus can be used by principle of acupuncture reflex therapy effect.

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