The DiaScan Plan

After initial diagnosis a 3 step plan ensures that the patient diagnosed will be put into a position where their health will become their wealth. Knowing exactly what is going on in the body should be the desire of any individual.

As the basis of longevity, health means the absence of harmful matter and factors inside the body. Nowadays, people can be divided into three categories:

  • The healthy, accounting for 5% of all people,
  • The sick, 15%, and
  • The predominately sub-healthy, approximately 80%.

The sub-healthy are in a dangerous state characterized by the constant presence of hidden damage, which has yet to cause significant inconveniences. Such people need to CLEANSE the spleen, stomach and intestines, REPLENISH the blood, and STRENGTHEN nutrition that is deficient so as to reach the health care goal of BALANCING.

Chemical medications treat only the symptoms of an illness, but don’t relieve it from the cause. In some cases they are necessary, but only nature and natural products can cure completely. Human organism is a complex self-regulating system, which radiate weak electromagnetic vibrations. They regulate all the levels of human organism (sub-cellular, cellular, tissue, organ, system) and keep it in normal condition.

When the self-regulating processes are disturbed, "unhealthy" pathological electromagnetic vibrations (PaEV) are formed and accumulated in the organism, which then causes the development of different diseases which then will lead to the malfunctioning of the internal organs. When one organ gets damaged, others are affected, which results in an imbalance in the human body. Therefore, unfavorable factors should be removed from the body beforehand by restoring balance and strengthening nutrition. As stated above, the body is able to resist the harmful "unhealthy" pathological electromagnetic vibrations when the "healthy" physiological electromagnetic vibrations (PhEV) are on the inside." When the "unhealthy" PaEV enters the body, the "healthy" PhEV actively combats it; the subsequent struggle disturbs the balance between healthy and unhealthy in the body or causes the internal organs to malfunction, which results in the operational disorder and then reflected by a series of pathological changes. If the "healthy" PhEV is stronger than the "unhealthy" PaEV, the disease tends to improve and be cured or vice versa the disease can then even lead to illness and death.

The DiaScan Plan thus consists of 3 phases


After initial diagnosis the patient will see the exact condition their body is in and the need to be cleansed. Special cleansing emphasis will be placed on the spleen, stomach and intestines as well as all other infected organs as revealed by the diagnosis process. The effect of each product prescribed will be shown on screen as well as the % improvement there will be during the following 4 weeks.


After 4 weeks the 2nd diagnosis is done and the improvement to every effected organ can be seen on the screen with the % improvement. The next goal is to replenish and strengthen the immune system over the next 4 weeks.

PHASE 3: Strengthen and BALANCE

After a further 4 weeks the last diagnosis is done and even more than 80% improvement can be shown. Prescriptions will be made and it is then for the person to maintain the balance between the pathological and physiological electromagnetic vibrations as best he / she can through the right diet, water intake and exercise. 6 months later he / she will return for a short diagnosis to check if everything is still in order as well as to detect new parasites, bacteria, worms of infections that have crept into the body. 

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