For distributors

By our device DiaScan it is possible only for 1 hour to conduct reliable full diagnostics of human organism, and also individually pick up treatment by Your preparations (drugs, medicines).

In database diagnostic device DiaScan is brought in information about most medical preparations, food additions, vegetable medications (see is a list).

You can do test of any Your products through reprint chamber (goes in complete set), and input this information to memory of vehicle DiaScan, and to pick up them to your patients.

After inspection on DiaScan you and Your patient able see at once state of organism of patient after reception of one or another preparation, that will eliminate side bad effects of treatment, and will produce strong motivation for patient to purchase preparations - you will be able to sell large volumes of your products.

By special therapy which our vehicle DiaScan can carry out - (Mora - therapy) you will strengthen therapeutic effect from reception of Your preparations, that yet more will strengthen motivation of client to buy your preparations.

Also by our complex DiaScan you will be able much quick and it is easy to bring over to the collaboration new distributors, which will be formed from Your clients on diagnostics.

Except income from sale preparations you will have considerable income from conducting of diagnostics (1 diagnostics cost near R 350, goes one hour).

We offer you organize such diagnostic center with our equipment. Also we give advertising standards, methods of successful management this business , including work on Internet, give recommendation on selection personnel et cetera.

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