Examination procedures

  • Put on the headphones on a patient;
  • The electrodes a patient should hold in his hands (their absence is quite possible as well it depends on a device’s configuration);
  • The laser scanner id pointed on the “third eye” or on a hairy head area;
  • The program starts (reading the information about the internal’s body state runs from the brain subcortical formation where the most true information is located).

The DiaScan Procedure

  • An examination takes approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Through electromagnetic frequencies spectrum analysis, the following can be revealed: viruses, helminthes, bacteria, tapeworms, streptococci, chlamydiaceae or thrichomonia etc, and allergens
  • It will also reveal if a patient has a thyroid gland or pancreas disease, gastritis, ulcers, enterocolitis or dysbacteriosis
  • Especially effective is myoma’s treatment, mastopathy, inflammations and female genital organs’ infection, barrenness. It exactly reveals the diseases’ causative agents such as Chlamydia, ureoplasma, lamblia, large roundworms, viruses and other microorganisms and tapeworms
  • All kidney and urinary bladder diseases, prostatis and prostate adenoma as well as impotence will be detected
  • DiaScan Wellness and Information Centers have wonderful treatments for obesity and will not partake in any diet. We prescribe supplements and assist the person to a new lifestyle. Through frequent diagnosis, the person can see % wise how his / her body is taken back to normal
  • Many other diseases such as dyskinesia, cholecystitis, bile stone illnesses, musculoskeletal system diseases such as osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis and others will also be detected
  • The DiaScan program will diagnose the risk level in case a patient has a cardiovascular disease such as vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypotension or hypertension, ischemia or arrhythmia
  • During the examination, the DiaScan program consultant receives the maximum comprehensive information about the state of health of a patient, including the initial identification of a disease before there are any signs, symptoms or complaints. The DiaScan program can depict illnesses such as cancer even if only days old and which is not possible to be detected by any other equipment
  • The DiaScan program method of diagnosis is very convenient for a patient and it does not require any special preparation such as fasting, enema or administration of toxic preparations etc
  • The DiaScan program equipment makes it possible to select food additives, phytopreparations or homeopathic remedies most suited for treatment or preventive treatment on any actual individual basis
  • Monitoring functions makes it possible to examine the dynamics of a process on the basis of previous results. This is another advantage of this method
  • The DiaScan program equipment is equipped with a laser transmitter that makes it possible to influence any point, zone, organ or a system of the organism with simultaneous monitoring of the therapeutic results in the display
  • Diagnosis done by the DiaScan program is safe even in the case of examining pregnant women, infants and exhausted patients. The usage of the DiaScan program equipment in hospitals makes it possible to reduce the time of comprehensive diagnosis of a patient substantially
  • Reliability of the obtained data of the development of pathological changes in the body reaches 98%
  • The built in bio chamber of the DiaScan program equipment makes it possible to test any preparations (including liquids) and determine the nature of their influence on a patient
  • The DiaScan program equipment operates with a PC and software containing the maximum quantity of Splices and Organs and maximum number of reference standards of Organ preparations, Biochemical homeostasis, Microorganisms, Helminthes, Allergens, Nutriceuticals and Para pharmaceutical preparations, Homeopathy and Phytotherapy
  • The software prints out a selected treatment program with an image, in color, of the pathological organ of the actual patient
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