DiaScan for home using

You can also buy our equipment Diascan for house use. We train you to work on the device Diascan , and you can test yourself and your relatives, select to them optimum schemes of treatment by our drugs, and also (that is especially important!!!), constantly to use Mora-therapy - unique bioresonant therapy, which has our equipment Diascan, which regular usage will allow you even without purchase of medicines to support the health at a high level for a long years, to do powerful preventive maintenance of many diseases in home conditions. By Diascan besides you can individually select for yourselves diets, in fact the device allows to test any food stuffs. You also can estimate influence on the organism of any medical product - enough it will bring in the bioresonant chamber in Diascan and to test. If you are not the doctor, however it will not prevent to present you happiness of health and longevity to yourself and your friends!!!

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