DiaScan Info

Computerized Body & Health Scanning & Treatment

DiaScan is a Body and Health Wellness and Information Center falling into the category of Alternative medicine and not a Medical Center. All centers being run by non medical practitioners will work closely with medical practitioners and cases requiring medical attention will be referred, with all necessary color pictures of affected or damaged organs, graphics and explanations to assist the medical practitioners in the treatment of a patient.

The DiaScan Process will

  • Scan all organs and body systems in patients with 98% accuracy
  • Give a patient complete information on the state of health of their bodies
  • List diseases that are at a developmental risk stage
  • List initial disorders that are present but no acute functional disorders as of yet
  • List diseases that will progress in time if no treatment is applied
  • List existing causative agents in all the organs and body systems, that is viruses, parasites, animalculars, bacteria etc.
  • Provide colorful prints of the affected organs and body systems up to cell and chromosome level
  • List allergens in a descending order which poses dangers for the patient
  • Prescribe, through the DiaScan program, alternative supplements for cleansing, refurbishing preventing and balancing. Patients can see on the screen the effect of any supplement on their body as well as a % improvement in the body through the use of that supplement.
  • Be able to create instant corrections of a pathological state by applying a bioenergetical influence on the tissues and organs with the help of the DiaScan program
  • Analyzes any substance brought by the patient to be tested in the bio-resonance chamber of the DiaScan program to establish suitability of use for body and even for skin. It is possible, for example, to show a lady, after doing a diagnosis on her, that the cosmetics she uses for her face is suitable or not.
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