Payment, delivery and training

In an order to learn correctly to work on our equipment, you must send to us to South Africa, to Pretoria city, into our educational center your representative desirably doctor which will complete a course of training in a flow 6 days (from Monday for Saturday).

If you arrive to us on training to South Africa, you can pay for equipment by cash. Also you would bring with yourself a portable computer (laptop). Our expert will load the diagnostic program into computer, and also will connect a computer to the device, and will adjust correct work of all complex. ATTENTION!!! In a computer should be loaded Windows XP Home or Professional Edition!!! We have the educational center in which you will be engaged with experts. The curriculum lasts 6 days. Also we follow training course on business; this knowledge will help you to adjust quickly successful business with the device.

If it will be necessary, we give the translator for you, the driver with car, these services are paid by you in addition. Except will train you how to work on the equipment and how to construct business with the equipment correctly, how to start to earn good money quickly. We meet you at the airport, we help with settlement in hotel, we provide to you support and protection.

We have diagnostic software and all of information in English language.

Here the provisional list of your payments:

  1. Device Diascan
  2. Training to work on the device
  3. Adjustment of work of the device
  4. Payment of the translator
  5. Residing at the hotel
  6. Services of the driver with machine

To this is also necessary adding the sum of money for feed.
We also give the full instruction of training to work and the instruction of business on computer disks. In a complete set with equipment we pass Users Manual, which provides teaching. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

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