Calculation of profitability

We are interested in an expansion of a network of diagnostic centres in South Africa and over the world, and offer a “key turn” establishment of your own business.

High profitability and low costs are very attractive to small-scale business!!!

Calculation of profitability:

1st method of earning:

The price of computer diagnosis by using bioresonance testing with Diascan Hardware/Software system ranges near R350 or above. The price depends on the occurrence of competitors (saturation of the market of such services) in your city/region. The overall duration of a visit is about 1.5 h (acquisition of data from the organism requires 30 min, and the analysis of the obtained data requires 1 h).

Upon an examination, a patient will receive colour printed copies of images of the problem organs and a list of diagnosed disorders, and the doctor will define a disposition of such patient to certain diseases and treatment recommendations. Seven pages of images of problem organs – i.e. 28 slices – are quite enough, however, a patient may receive additional copies for additional charge.

You may examine 9 patients daily.
9 patients x R350 = R 3150 per day, minus wages of a doctor, rent of a room and price of consumables: R 1900 per day x 26 days = R 49400 per month – earnings from diagnosis.
Provided that you do not operate on Sundays and public holidays!

As you may see, a simple calculation shows that the payback of the equipment is just several monthes. Such calculations shall be made separately for each region. We show just a sample of calculation of profitability, and the actual value of profitability will vary in different cities and regions.

2nd method of earning:

Dozens of centres, food additive distribution centres above all, have purchased our equipment and operate it in extremely beneficial manner. Making computer-aided bioresonance non-linear NLS diagnosis, such centres have two moral objectives:

  1. Diagnosis at the earliest (latent) stage of a disease makes it possible to diagnose a disease prior to the onset of actual symptoms and makes the treatment easier;

  2. By using our equipment, the doctors in such centres select medicinal products, homeopathic remedies, phytopreparation sand biologically active food additives ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS, which favours an efficacious treatment, prompt recovery and reliable prevention of diseases.

Gaining profits from the sales of phytopreparations and biologically active food additives is also important. You will purchase phytopreparations and biologically active food additives at wholesale prices and sell the same at retail prices, besides, you will get so called "points", which will provide difference between wholesale and retail prices at the level of at least 40%.


One client will buy products for R 600 …R 1200, on average. With the minimum 9 visits per day: 9 patients x R 900 x 26 days = R 210600 R 210600 x 0.4 = R 84240 per month - amount of your profit from the preparations.
Total R 49400 + R 84240 = R 133640 is an actual amount of net profit of such a diagnostic center!

We can:

  • engage you in our system of operation;
  • support you in different manners;
  • become your partners being extremely interested in your success and provide you with excellent samples of advertising and detail information about the methods of organisation a stable and highly profitable business and methods of not only gaining profits but also of rendering efficient aid to your patients.

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