DiaScan Program

The Diagnostic equipment used by DiaScan Wellness Centers in South Africa, uses the method of Non Linear Systems diagnosis. The NLS is by far the most advanced in the field of human diagnosis and is gaining popularity all over the world. Through 3 channels information is obtained and the DiaScan Program obtains a 98% accuracy.

In 2000 it was 20 years from the day of creation of the quant entropy logic theory which serves as the basis of NLS method. Thus, the NLS diagnosis in the DiaScan program is the most recent one amongst all methods.

In 1988, a trigger sensor was proposed, thus laying the foundation for the idea of the NLS apparatus. 1990 through to 1995 was spent on clinical tests on the initial apparatuses. From 1998 there was a rapid growth on commercial front concerning the manufacturing of the apparatuses and a leap forward in quality of the produced results.

The NLS diagnostic method is still in a stage of ongoing development. Methodologies for diagnosing are developing so fast that systems’ versions have to be updated every six months. Due to the introduction of new apparatuses supplied with trigger sensors, NLS-diagnosis not only became faster, but also acquired new quality. Evidently, dynamic methodologies, such as three-dimensional visualization of the examination results, will be introduced into the day-to-day practices very soon. The method of vegetative testing can be cited as an example of a fast introduction.

Research centers continue to search for new methods based on the systems of a nonlinear analysis. The results are more than promising.

Other diagnosing methods mainly fall into the following groups:

  • NMR: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • USE: Ultrasonic Evaluation
  • CT: Computed Tomography

NLS-analysis, unlike NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and CT (Computed Tomography), does not require high-voltage fields. NLS is very prospective for metabolic studies, in particular on a cell level. Of all methods of hardware diagnostics, the NLS produces a picture that is most approximating to the pathologoanatomic one. This condition along with its safety encourages a rapid development of the NLS-diagnosis method.

Much can be said about advantages of the NLS bio-resonance diagnosing method. The method is very good, indeed. It is indicative that its popularity has greatly increased in the recent years.

In a comparative study conducted by the Medical Research Council in Germany, the NLS diagnostic method stands out head and shoulder above the other methods used.

Each "+" symbol indicates a good quality of any particular feature of a method. Accordingly, symbol "-" – indicates a bad, unworthy or dangerous one.

The methods have been evaluated by three major and most important points:

  • Number of organs that can be examined by the method.
  • Exposure to rays.
  • Side effects.
Method Number of organs that can be examined Irradiation Side effects Overall estimation of the diagnosis method
NLS (DiaScan) +++++ +++++ +++++ Excellent
NMR ++--- +++-- +++-- Satisfactory
CT ++++- ++--- ++--- Satisfactory
USE +++-- +++++ ++++- Good

"+" – a set of good qualities

"-" – a set of bad and dangerous qualities

ultrasonic examination nuclear-magnetic resonance computed tomography
(USE) (NMR) (CT)

Bio-resonance examination NLS has no equals in safety and convenience for the patient, is absolutely harmless, does not lead to irradiation and is absolutely painless and safe for the patients including elderly people, children and pregnant women.

The NLS bio-resonance testing done by the DiaScan program is a unique opportunity where within an hour to hour and a half comprehensive information on the complete state of a person’s health is revealed and  equals in value to examinations made by 10 specialist doctors.

Patients can see the state of their organs, 2 dimensional and in color, as well as the initial focus of illnesses and interaction of one illness with the other “from inside out.” The method allows for making a precise diagnosis through the DiaScan program, for instance, stomach ulcer, myoma, cyst, mastopathy, prostatitis or adenoma, disorder of thyroid function, dysbacteriosis, stones in the kidneys and gallbladder, endocrine diseases, primogenital infections, etc. without complicated and expensive investigations.

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