Mechanism of information read-out from the "Diascan" device

The reading of information from the surveyed person in device Diascan goes through 3 channels: hand electrodes, headphones with trigger sensors and infra-red skanner. Let us look carefully through the mechanism of information read-out by each channel in device Diascan.

But first of all, a few words about general principles of reading information in device Diascan from organism. Broadly speaking, the device sends a certain impulse into the organism, which goes through it, and comes out. The outgoing signal in Diascan is fixed by the above-listed channels, computer with the help of diagnostic program processes information, and gives out a result. In general, change which was got by Diascan to the acting impulse in his output, - to itself complete information about all of processes which take a place in an organism.

3 channels of reading of information are in the equipment Diascan:

  1. Hand electrodes.
    It is the basic and most reliable channel for reading information. An incoming impulse goes through an active electrode, a passive electrode fixes the outgoing impulse. As the impulse gets into organism, organs, fabrics and cells of the organism, and also pathogenes become excited, and due to the law of energy conservation, the surplus of energy is given back.
  2. Headphones.
    Magnetic inductor is located in the left headphone (active), which produces acoustic vibrations of the certain frequency (clicks). These acoustic vibrations proceed to the structures of medulla in two ways:
    1. Bone conductivity through a temporal bone.

    2. Acoustic conductivity through the acoustic duct and complex (tympanum-malleus-incus).

Due to the bone conductivity it is recommend to move headphones a bit higher than acoustic duct. The structures of medulla contain the centers of the regulation of basic processes, which take place in an organism (so-called vegetative nervous system unlike the central nervous system, which regulates consciousness, thought, and behavioral response). The outgoing signal is fixed by the right headphone, in which the trigger sensor is located. Then the information is directed to the computer through the device.

  1. EMG scanner.
    Radiates an EMG spectrum through the light-emitting diodes, and fixes an Diascan spectrum , emanated by the organism, with the help of the copper contacts. It is the least informative between the three channels, but allows to read individual information, not available to the other channels. And in such a way it increases the general reliability of the read information up to maximum possible percentage (94-96).
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