Nonlinear Diagnosis System (NLS) have been extensively used lately and are gaining popularity. In 1980 Theodore Van Hoven developed the theory of quantum entropy logic that underlies the method. So nonlinear diagnosis appears to be the newest of all methods of apparatus diagnostics. At any rate, his discovery became a significant landmark in diagnostic medicine. Clinical testing of the early equipment took the period from 1990 through 1995.The late 1990s were marked by the public's active interest to hi-tech diagnostic equipment and a sudden leap in the quality of the result produced.

This biofeedback device allows a biofeedback technician to identify the pathological location of any illness at a pre-clinical stage. All anomalies in the condition of a person's health can be traced by changes of the wave characteristics of the tissue and cells. The device's hardware and software package represents colorful virtual dynamic models of the organs on a computer monitor. Such realistic images of a person's living organs gives an opportunity not only to conduct an extremely early diagnosis but also to actively manage homeostasis. The company provides health consulting as complimentary service.

This method allows the pathological location to be determined without inserting any probes, without collecting blood, and without any additional methods. This biofeedback device gives an excellent opportunity to obtain the fullest information about the state of health at the very beginning stages of the onset of illness. It's impossible to make such an early and accurate diagnosis with any other means: not with the aid of ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, computer tomography, or any other diagnosis equipment which can detect a pathological process only after it has already completely formed. That's why this method is so unique. Biofeedback is growing because it works.


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