Do you want through small investments for 1 month organize profitable business?

We will help you herein!

Open turn-key wellness business

We open you ready "turn-key" business - this is Medical – Treatment - Wellness center, using modern diagnostic equipment – diagnostic complex «Diascan» (read more about the equipment).

You must pick up apartments (to purchase or lease) an area from 10 m2, you will be the unique owner. We sale equipment to you, teach personnel, give our experience on organization and conduct of turn-key ready business.

We will answer all Your questions in regard to organization of this turn-key ready business.

In 1-2 months after opening net income 8–10 thousand dollars – it is reality. Our company already 4 years professionally engaged in organization of such diagnostic Wellness centers turnkey, we opened more than 300 similar centers all over the world.

We give you complex support in organization of this turn-key ready business.

This turn-key ready business is actual to date on few reasons:

  1. At relatively small capital investments there is a rapid term of return of investments (2-3 months), high profitability.
  2. Active demand of this type of services at population, because this equipment does not have analogues among other types of medical equipment, allows very exactly for 1 hour to conduct the complex inspection of organism, harmlessly, without pain, without analyses, and at once picking up effective treatment, inspection is costed R350 - this is economy of time, money of clients and comfort.
  3. Small saturation of market this type of services.
  4. Business is created on the type of franchizing – now works wide network of medical diagnostic Wellness centers «Diascan», now already about 300 similar centers function.

A man, persons interested to create a similar diagnostic Wellness center, gets the complete package of services in organization, conduct and rapid successful start of this business. It is help in the search of apartments, legal, and organizational questions; help in the search of personnel, teaching of personnel; delivery, adjusting and guarantee maintenance of equipment; departure into new center group of our spesialists with purpose of help in the moment of opening; teaching advertising, and also to work on commercial charts for increase of amount of patients on inspection; supplying with medicinal preparations; permanent control on quality of work; help in registration of medical license; support on the Internet et cetera.

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