Why the new diagnosis method is popular and beneficial?

Advantages of the DiaScan Program

  • A visual demonstration of the whole testing process

    The whole investigating process of each organ is displayed on the 19” monitor and the tested person can see it. When selecting the health improving preparations, the consultant has to show the tested person the efficiency of the recommended preparation.

  • Prediction of the outcome

    Taking into account the total condition of the body as well as the prescribed methods of treatment, the program will predict very accurately the % of improvement to the body within a given time.

  • The program has a detailed Encyclopedic Description of all standards

    Standard here refers to one of more than 400 diseases as well as all types of parasites, viruses, worms and bacteria. For the consultant not being medical practitioners this is very helpful.

  • Simplified selection of Standards

    The most probable standards for analyzed organs are placed at the beginning of the list of standards and the least authentic are placed at the end.

  • Analysis of the organ center state

    The given function allows the consultant to see the directed analysis of the pathological center state of a concrete organ. It describes purposefully the health improving preparations influencing the pathological center and that will allow to fight most effectively against the pathological processes and to remove an inflammation maximally and quickly.

  • Individual selection of health improving preparations

    The program possesses the ability to visually demonstrate the efficiency of all health improving preparations, allowing testing different preparations and then selecting the most effective ones. This ability is supported with a huge database containing allopathic, homeopathy preparations, and herbal medicines, dietary supplements and also the “Vegeto Test” and “Comparative Analysis” functions. These functions allow the tested patient to see the virtual state of his concrete organ after he would have taken the recommended preparations. The “Comparative Analysis” compares the initial state of the organ with a virtual one after the prescribed course of treatment.

  • The noninvasive examination method: biochemical blood analysis, body micro flora analysis (finding the presence of viruses, bacteria, tapeworms, Chlamydia, ureoplasma etc)
  • The exact revealing of the cause of a disease
  • Finding out of the pathological process in its initial stage
  • Selection of a treatment for an individual developed in the bio resonance chamber of the DiaScan program
  • The introduced diagnosis method allows to solve all weight problems including prescribing any of the offered product courses offered by the center as well as the finding out exactly how the body will react to that prescribed product
  • Defining of hormonal back-ground
  • Blood biochemistry
  • Defining and analysis of chromo type
  • The DiaScan equipment administers Mora Therapy based on 3 stages:
    1. Use of own electromagnetic vibrations
    2. Divides the electromagnetic vibrations into physiological, or “healthy” vibrations and pathological, or "unhealthy" vibrations
    3. Inverts and neutralizes the pathological vibrations and recovers and strengthens the physiological ones

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